We Fix What Dealers Cant!

BIM (BMW) ECU Repair

BMW Engine Control Module Cloning Service & MSD80 to MSD81 Upgrade Services

We primarily work with the Following BMW Computer units to either Clone, Fix, Repair or Upgrade them with New Software that has been updated:

bim ecu dme ecm repair

  • DME – Digital Motor Electronics
  • DDE – Digital Diesel Electronics
  • ECU – Electronic Control Unit
  • ECM – Electronic Control Module

Our Process is very well documented and Guaranteed to Fix your BMW Computer unit or you get your Money back!

We are experienced ASE Mechanics that have been in the industry for over 15 yrs and have mastered the process of fixing many of the most impossible, “Dealer-Only” BMW computer repairs on the market.

Many of our clients tell us that Dealerships say that these units are not Fixable and they will need to pay thousands of dollars for a new unit – They’re WRONG!

We can usually fix almost any BMW DME, ECU, DDE or ECM unit that is sent to us. We have the test-benches setup to ensure when you plug this unit back into your vehicle, that it will run flawlessly!

Services we Offer

MSD80 to MSD81 Upgrade Services

MSD80 to MSD81 upgrade

BMW cars running the N54 engine, the DME or Engine control module (known as the MSD80) began to Fail on these cars.

Bmw had to then go back to the drawing board and Redesign the engine control module for certain models.

BMW later released the MSD81 which is a better version of the MSD80 which is much more reliable and will fix many of the issues that MSD80 was dealing with.

Learn More about MSD80 to MSD81 Upgrade Service Here

BMW Engine Control Module Cloning Service

We help people Clone their existing ECU, DME, DDE, or ECM that is not working due to a number of reasons, including:

Reasons why DME or DDE may fail:

  • Water or Flood Damage Vehicle
  • Failed Component on the Electrical board
  • Fire Damaged Car or Unit
  • Incorrect Programming and Coding (Brick)
  • Accident or Collision Damage