Has your DME (MSD80) Failed your BMW 335i E93?

If so, we have a Solution for you – We offer a MSD80 to MSD81 Upgrade service for BMW 335i E93!

Our service is a mail-in service the will get your BMW back on the road in no time at all. Usually have 1-2 day turn-around times for all our BMW MSD80 to MSD81 ECU upgrade service.

Some Common Issues that are Signs your DME (ECU/ECM) or MSD80 is Bad or Failing are:

– Bank 1 Misfire Check Engine Light Codes
– 29CD Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 1
– 29CE Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 2
– 29CF Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 3
– 30BA DME digital motor electronics, internal failure

– Bank 2 Check Engine Light Codes
– 29D0 Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 4
– 29D1 Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 5
– 29D2 Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 6
– 30BB DME digital motor electronics, internal failure

The Solution to most, if not all of these DME Codes for your BMW 335i E93 is upgrading to the MSD81.

This service also matches the upgraded MSD81 to your CAS Module.

bmw 335i convertible msd80 to msd81 upgrade

Here’s How our BMW 335i E93 MSD80 to MSD81 Upgrade Service Works:

  1. We Will Supply the MSD81 for your BMW 335i E93
  2. Please Remove and Mail-in your CAS module / Key FOB & Original MSD80
    Note: CAS module (located under the left side of the steering wheel)
  3. Our Service will Program the MSD81 with your VIN, ISN, injector calibration numbers & correct coding information.
  4. The VIN of your Vehicle will display correctly in MHD and you will be able to flash your tune without Issue.

Years Supported

Our upgrade service for the BMW 335i E93 ECM/ECU will upgrade the MSD80 > MSD81 from Years 2006 to 2009

  • 2006 BMW 335i E93
  • 2007 BMW 335i E93
  • 2008 BMW 335i E93
  • 2009 BMW 335i E93