We offer our MSD80 to MSD81 Upgrade Service for many makes and models of BMW’s.

Why Do people get the MSD80 to MSD81 Flash for their bmw?

MSD80 to MSD81 upgrade

Upon the initial release of these model BMW’s using the N54 engine, the DME digital motor electronics
or engine control module (known as the MSD80) began to fail.

BMW had to redesign the engine control module and eventually BMW later released the MSD81 which is stronger and much more reliable.

Models of BMW that we can upgrade your DME to MSD81 are listed below

BMW 1 Series E82 135i
From 12/2006 To 10/2013
BMW 1 Series E88 135i
From 12/2006 To 10/2013
BMW 3 Series E90 (Sedan) 335i
From 08/2006 To 12/2009
BMW 3 Series E91 (Wagon) 335xi
From 08/2006 To 12/2009
BMW 3 Series E92 (Coupe) 335i
From 08/2006 To 12/2009
BMW 3 Series E93 (Convertible) 335i
From 08/2006 To 12/2009
BMW 5 Series E60 535i / 535xi
From 04/2008 To 12/2009
BMW Z4 Series E89 35i
From 07/2008 To 08/2016
BMW Z4 Series E89 35is
From 07/2008 To 08/2016
BMW X6 Series E71 X6 35iX SAC
From 01/2007 To 12/2009


How do I know my MSD80 has failed?

Common Reasons is MOSFET failure:

​MOSFETs are electronic components on the MSD80 board, that fail due to age or high performance.
Typically when one of them fails, it causes the car to misfire and go in limp mode.
With bad MOSFET(s), either the first bank is misfiring or the second bank.
Very often, along with MOSFET, there is a burnt ignition coil. We recommend replacing all of the
ignition coils with quality name brand units.

With bank 1 misfire there are these errors/codes:

29CD Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 1

29CE Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 2

29CF Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 3

30BA DME digital motor electronics, internal failure

With bank 2 then there are these errors/codes:

29D0 Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 4

29D1 Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 5

29D2 Combustion Misfire, Cylinder 6

30BB DME digital motor electronics, internal failure

Power Supply Units on board (Power Supply Units, one per bank)

Each PSU feeds electrical components of a specific bank.

PSU failure is rare compared to MOSFETs problem, but when it happens you get the same symptoms as in the case of failed MOSFET, with the same error/codes.

Our Process & Repair/Fix

The MSD81 is the solution! All of the weak points have been corrected using stronger MOSFETs and PSUs.

​This is a programming service which matches MSD81 (instead of MSD80) to your CAS module.


How it works:

We have MSD81’s in stock and can supply one for you or you can send one in. Our turnaround time is the same day or the next morning.

To do this upgrade, You will need to send us:

1) CAS module (located under the left side of the steering wheel)

2) 1 working keyfob

3) If you choose to supply a good working MSD81

If you want us to code injector numbers to replacement MSD81 then:

4) Injector numbers

If you don’t know how to read injector numbers, no problem!

As long as the MSD80 is responsive, we can read the injector calibration numbers and copy them to the replacement MSD81.

Please make sure to send the MSD80 if you would like us to transfer the injector calibration numbers. You can also write them yourself if you have ISTA, INPA, bimmergeeks Protools, or many other scan tools such as Autel, Launch, etc.